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CJ McCollum Jersey China has doubled down on the Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys China‘ expectations for this season, leveling a championship-or-bust mantra after an offseason of unprecedented player movement within the rest of the NBA.

McCollum, in an essay published by The Players’ Tribune, set NBA title expectations for the Blazers in a Western Conference he calls “ours for the taking.”

“Our goal is to win a championship,” McCollum says. “Not to build toward it, but to make it to the NBA Finals, and win the whole thing. We’ve put the work in. We know what it takes, and we know what we have.”


Blazers not going with ‘load management’ plan

Lillard raps at Shaq: ‘Kobe won you them rings’

Lillard says retooled Blazers have sights on title
McCollum and the Blazers enter the season with an overhauled roster.

Three of their starters from the 2019 playoff run are gone, leaving McCollum and Damian Lillard Jersey China as the two holdovers. The Blazers also dealt forward Maurice Harkless Jersey China as part of a four-team trade that brought center Hassan Whiteside Jersey China to Portland. And they added wing Kent Bazemore Jersey China via trade and signed veteran free agents Pau Gasol Jersey China, Mario Hezonja Jersey China and Anthony Tolliver Jersey China.

“I think that in past years, we might have been a little hesitant to say that we’re trying to win a championship,” McCollum wrote in the essay. “We’ve always had that mindset, but we’ve never been very vocal about it. I guess it’s because outside of Portland and in the media, people haven’t put us in that conversation. So it’s like … nobody had given us permission.

“Well, I can tell you right now that we don’t need permission.”

Despite being an underdog to beat Oklahoma City in the opening round of last season’s playoffs, Portland knocked off the Thunder in five games on Lillard’s series-winning 3-pointer. The Blazers then went on to beat the Nuggets, winning Game 7 in Denver, before being swept by the Golden State Warriors Jerseys China in the conference finals.

McCollum’s confidence is bolstered by a three-year, $100 million contract extension he agreed to in July, extending his current deal to five years and $157 million. The new deal will start with the 2021-22 season. The Blazers also signed Lillard to a four-year, $196 million extension this summer, keeping him under contract through the 2025 season.

“We have the right team, the right coach, the right mindset … and the right fans,” McCollum said. “We’ve got it all.

“Now all we need to do is finish the job.”

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DALLAS — Washington Wizards Jerseys China star Bradley Beal got sick of seeing Dallas Mavericks Jerseys China star Luka Doncic Jersey China score with ease Wednesday night and decided to do something about it.

Beal made it his mission to get physical with Doncic in the fourth quarter. That resulted in several chippy exchanges between the stars, who talked trash and repeatedly bumped and shoved each other, eventually leading to double technical fouls with 1:09 remaining and Beal’s ejection when he dismissed that call with a wave.

However, there were no hard feelings between Doncic and Beal after the Mavs’ season-opening 108-100 win at the American Airlines Center. They instead swapped postgame compliments via the media.

“That was great. That’s what basketball is about,” said Doncic, 20, whose 34 points were one shy of his career high and the most ever by a player younger than 21 in a season opener, according to ESPN Stats & Information. “You don’t have no friends on the court. I respect him for doing that. Everybody’s saying he’s only a fancy player. No, he showed he’s great on defense, too. He showed that there, so I respect it for him.”

Beal, who had 19 points and nine assists but was only 7-of-25 from the floor and 1-of-11 from 3-point range, exchanged hugs and pleasantries with Doncic before leaving the court after his ejection.

“It was just hoops,” Beal said. “You could see when I got kicked out, he came up and was the first one to dap me, so he understood what it was. We weren’t fighting. It was just basketball, trying to frustrate him. He was kicking our butts, so you’ve got to do something.”

Doncic, last season’s Rookie of the Year, dominated the first three quarters to carry the Mavs to a 23-point lead. He had 32 points in 28 minutes by the end of the third quarter, hitting 12 of 18 shots from the floor, swishing half of his eight 3-point attempts and driving into the lane for the rest of his buckets.

With Beal harassing him with the help of occasional double-teams, Doncic managed to attempt only one shot from the floor in the fourth quarter. His two points in the final quarter came on free throws after Beal had been ejected.

“He had it going all night,” Beal said. “He’s a tough guard. He’s a physical guy. He can get any shot pretty much that he wants, and I think we let him get a little bit too comfortable. Granted, he was able to draw fouls in that aspect, but I think it was still a lot of 3s he got, a lot of straight-line drives. I just wanted to frustrated him a little bit.”

Beal praised Doncic for being “very mature for his age” and joked that Doncic has “been a pro since he was 10 probably,” a reference to the Mavs star’s four seasons of experience with Real Madrid’s top club in Liga ACB and the EuroLeague before entering the NBA.

Doncic, the youngest MVP in EuroLeague history in his last season with Real Madrid, also referenced that experience when making the point that he’s accustomed to being defended physically.

“I got used to it last year — and the year before and the year before,” Doncic said. “I’m used to it.”

Although Beal had no postgame issues with Doncic, he wasn’t pleased with his ejection by referee Jonathan Sterling. Beal didn’t argue on the court, but he said he planned to discuss it with the NBA office Thursday in hopes of getting the second technical foul rescinded.

“His first technical foul was as a result of a double technical foul for a physical taunt with the opponent, Doncic,” crew chief Ken Mauer told a pool reporter. “They both came together, bumped each other, so my partner calls a double technical foul. Then, Bradley Beal Jersey China then proceeds to look at that official, and in protest of that call, he waves him off, which is a respect for the game guideline and a technical foul, an automatic technical foul. We’re taught to give a technical foul, so that was his second technical foul. So, it’s the double technical foul for the taunt, second one for the wave off to the referee.”

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — The Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys China won’t rely exclusively on LeBron James at point guard this season. Rajon Rondo Jersey China is a strong option for the No. 1 spot, too.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I think he’ll be in the starting lineup a lot,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said after practice Thursday, referring to Rondo. “I definitely envision a lot of games where he’ll be the starting point guard.”


Just how much “a lot” means is still being figured out. Vogel told ESPN later Thursday that it could be as little as 10 games. The intention is to find matchups that make sense for Rondo as the starter that, in turn, will take some of the load off of James.

Rondo missed the Lakers’ season-opening loss to the LA Clippers Jerseys China, sitting out with a sore calf, and the offense sputtered. The Lakers shot 43.5 percent from the floor and had 14 turnovers against 20 assists.

James started as the de facto point guard, flanked by two off-ball guards in Avery Bradley Jersey China and Danny Green Jersey China, along with Anthony Davis Jersey China and JaVale McGee Jersey China in the frontcourt.


Ranking the best teammates LeBron James has ever had

Vogel: AD’s post game ‘a problem’ for rest of NBA
Rondo, who said he first experienced discomfort in his calf the day before the Lakers’ preseason finale in Golden State, went through Thursday’s practice at “full speed” and “didn’t look impaired at all,” according to Vogel, but his availability for Friday’s game against the Utah Jazz Jerseys China is to be determined.

“He looked really good,” Vogel said. “He looked fresher than everybody else. A little bounce in his step, which is good. But, you know, it’s not how he feels today, it’s how he feels after today’s workload. Right? So we’ll see how he responds to what he’s doing today and make that decision tomorrow.”

Bradley impressed the coaching staff with his fit with the starting unit, sources told ESPN, in the Lakers’ dominant 126-93 preseason win over the Warriors on Oct. 16, scoring 18 points on 7-for-9 shooting. With Rondo injured, the natural choice was to go back to that group for the opener, sources said.

James finished with 18 points on 7-for-19 shooting, 10 rebounds and 8 assists against the Clippers, but he shot just 1-for-4 in the fourth quarter and committed three of his six turnovers in the final frame.

James spent much of the night targeting Davis in the post — something that worked for the offense, to be sure — but became less effective as the game wore on.

“I think if there’s one thing that stands out, is when they started bringing soft help in the post, we didn’t respond to that well enough in terms of our spacing,” Vogel said. “There’s simple counters, and if they’re going to sit in AD’s lap, with the shooters that we have out there, we should be shooting open 3s, if we’re spaced appropriately in those situations.”

After LeBron James Jersey China, left, started at point guard for the Lakers in their season opener, coach Frank Vogel said Thursday that Rajon Rondo will take over the spot for the majority of the time. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
Rondo, entering his 13th season, averaged 9.2 points on 40.5% shooting (35.9% from 3) with 8.0 assists and 5.0 rebounds last season, his first with the Lakers. He said that a starting role isn’t something he is pushing for, necessarily.

“My preference is what coach Vogel wants me to do,” he said. “I’ll be cool with that.”

Vogel said there still could be games where Rondo comes off the bench and Bradley starts, depending on matchups.

Should Rondo start Friday, his matchup will be Utah point guard Mike Conley Jersey China, who is coming off a 1-for-16 shooting night in the Jazz season opener. “It’s the worst thing that could’ve happened,” James said, referring to Conley’s motivation level heading into the Lakers game.

Rondo, a career 31.5 percent shooter from 3, all but admitted he isn’t the typical guard that’s been paired with James in his career, but he said he feels like he can ignite James in fast-break situations and also keep the offense flowing.

“The league is big on analytics now, so I don’t know what the statistics are when LeBron and I are on the court at the same time, but that’s last year’s stats,” Rondo said. “This year is obviously a different team, different feel. So we’ll see how it goes. You can’t predetermine anything. You got to see how the game flows and go from there.”

Has he improved his 3-points shooting in the offseason?

“I’m always going to play my game,” Rondo said. “I think me at point is a pretty good [option]. I’ve been pretty good in my career with me at point, as well. So, like I said, it’s all about sacrifice and figuring out what’s best for our team.”

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NEW YORK — Kyrie Irving oozed swagger when he walked onto the court during the starting lineup announcement on Wednesday. After all, Irving viewed this — the Nets’ regular season opener — as a sort of homecoming. To mark the occasion, Irving dazzled offensively and broke four records.

NBA Jerseys China

The guard finished with 50 points. When he hit 32 points, he had set a new record for most points scored in a Nets’ debut. The previous record was 30. When he hit 48 points, he set a new record for points scored in an NBA debut for any team. The previous record of 47 points was set by Kiki Vandeweghe in 1984.

Nike NBA Jerseys China

Then he hit 50. There had only been six 50-point games in Nets’ franchise history and the last one was recorded in 2012 by Deron Williams. The last player with a 50-point opener was Anthony Davis and before Davis, Michael Jordan.
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Frank Vogel admitted that Kawhi Leonard and the LA Clippers disrupted “everything” in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 112-102 loss on opening night. But in straying from their intended pick-and-roll-heavy offense because of the Clippers’ switching schemes, Vogel believes the Lakers happened upon an effective alternative.

“The first positive is our post offense is a problem for other teams,” Vogel said Wednesday when asked to share a hopeful tidbit gleaned from the Lakers’ film session.

Cheap NBA Jerseys

The Lakers’ post offense was far more effective than any pick-based possession. It wasn’t close, really. In 30 pick plays, L.A. averaged 0.56 points per possession, well below the 2018-19 NBA average of 0.97 points on those plays, according to Second Spectrum.


Why Clippers-Lakers felt bigger than just one game
However, the Lakers’ 27 post-up plays worked out to the tune of 1.17 points per possession, which would have been the best rate in the league last season if L.A. had carried it all season, per Second Spectrum.

Wholesale NBA Jerseys

Chief among the post-up targets was Anthony Davis, who posted up 22 times in his Lakers debut, according to Second Spectrum, the second-most he has posted up in a game in the past seven seasons, which is as far back as the data go.

“They couldn’t stop him,” Vogel said of Davis on the block. “So whatever works, you go to it again, and we just kept going to him.”

When the pick-and-roll gets blown up like it did Tuesday, Vogel says there are other counters L.A. can use beyond simply riding Davis.

Stitched NBA Jerseys

“We can pass and cut a lot more than we did,” he said. “We can run a lot more than we did.”

Vogel also said that when the Lakers do post up, they can space the floor around the man with the ball much better.

There are no plans to abandon the pick-and-roll. Instead, Rajon Rondo, who missed opening night with a sore calf, will be in the mix running screen-roll action in the future.

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“I envision Rajon Rondo being a major player for us this year — 25-30 minutes a game guy, whether he starts or comes off the bench,” Vogel said, adding that Rondo remains day-to-day ahead of Friday’s game against the Utah Jazz.

Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic

Rondo, 33, averaged 9.2 points on 40.5% shooting (35.9% from 3) with 8.0 assists and 5.0 rebounds last season, his first with the Lakers. However, he had a real plus-minus of negative 3.56 points per 100 possessions, meaning that over the course of the season, L.A. seemed to lose ground when he was in the lineup.

NBA Jerseys Store

Vogel gave Rondo’s minutes exclusively to Quinn Cook in the opener. Cook finished with four points on 2-for-7 shooting, two assists and one turnover in 17 minutes. He missed two key 3-pointers in the fourth quarter while L.A. was trying to keep pace with the Clippers. He too was dealing with a sore calf muscle, which limited his role.
Alex Caruso, who is expected to get a look in Vogel’s backcourt rotation, was available to play coming off a bruised pelvic bone in the preseason, but Vogel kept him on the bench.

All of those circumstances led to LeBron James playing 36 minutes at point guard, and he struggled down the stretch, shooting just 1-for-4 in the fourth quarter with three turnovers.

NBA Jerseys Outlet

James’ workload is another area in which Rondo figures to be a factor.

“I think when Rajon comes back, we’ll have the mindset that he can quarterback the offense with anybody that’s out there,” Vogel said.

The Lakers will apply the lessons learned from the loss to the Clippers.

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“I think getting Rajon Rondo back will put us in a lot more pick-and-rolls, but our post offense was something [the Clippers] had to deal with,” Vogel said. “We were heavier in the post than maybe we will be throughout the season because of it being effective for us, but we continue to make sure we have a diverse package out there.”

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Kyrie Irving goes up for a layup Wednesday in his regular-season debut with the Brooklyn Nets. Irving scored 50 points in an overtime loss to the Timberwolves. Emilee Chinn/Getty Images
But it wasn’t a hiccup-less inaugural Nets game for Irving. Brooklyn fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves 127-126 in overtime. Mid-game doldrums came in the form of turnovers and missed free throws.

Even as the Nets began to spiral towards a 0-1 record, Irving got a warm reception from fans. Irving was introduced last in the starting lineup — a basketball honor reserved for a team’s long tenured star. He has been given a corner locker in the Nets’ locker room — another league-wide symbol of stature.

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The Barclays Center crowd erupted when Irving sank his first basket. Every time he charged towards the basket after that, fans would let out an audible “ooh” or gasp. Irving appeared determined to dazzle, throwing somewhat haphazard and unnecessary behind-the-back passes minutes into the first quarter.